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Keep track of who's parking in your parking lot using a simple license plate scanner.

This application uses your phone camera to take a photo of the license plate, it then looks up the plate in your list of saved license plates. If a match is found then the customer details are presented, and if not then Does Not Exist (DNE) is displayed. myParkingBro allows you to add, edit or delete saved plates. This gives you complete control of who is saved in your license plate list.

With myParkingBro there is no need for UPC/Barcode stickers, QR Scan decals, hanging tags or other physical label. This program only uses the license plate itself to identify the vehicle.

myParkingBro features include:

  • A simple and clean interface

  • Logging of scan date and time

  • Customizing the vehicle owners contact information

  • Aggregating license plate scans

Free Download on Apple iTunes

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