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Bring one of the most useful and handy ways to communicate to

your iMessages with stickieNotes. Save time and get your message

across clearly and often humorously with useful messages like:
“What Time?”, “Stop By My Office”, and “Hey Big Fella!”.

  • Includes over 60 useful stickieNotes

  • Fun colors, themes, and messages

  • No trees were harmed in the creation of these stickieNotes

  • No advertisements

  • Earth friendly!

Autumn Script

Its all about the Love!
These stickers are full of love. Autumn love! Enjoy them in iMessage.

  • 30 fun and loving messages

  • Beautiful hand drawn text

  • Autumn colors and feel

Happy Unicorns

From the makers of the hit sticker packs Sassy Script, Autumn Script and Christmas Script comes the happiest of all stickers: Happy Unicorns! Spread pleasure, merriment and goodwill with these stickers. Make your friends (or maybe strangers) know how you feel when you express your feelings with statements like "be mythical", "dare to dream", and "reach for the stars". These animated and static stickers will bring love and joy to those who are lucky enough to receive them.

Sassy Script

Its all about the sass!
These script stickers are full of attitude and make it easy to give a cheeky quick reply in iMessages.

  • Over 100 Sassy and fun messages.

  • Beautiful hand drawn text.

  • 6 different watercolor backgrounds.

Crazy Turkey Party

Just when thought Thanksgiving couldn’t get any crazier than a duck stuffed in a chicken stuffed in a turkey, along comes the Crazy Turkey Party sticker set. These stickers feature the Crazy Turkey poking fun at himself and performing antics that are sure to make you laugh! It’s got everything you need to impress everyone at Thanksgiving dinner. So before you take that after Thanksgiving nap bring some funny to your turkey day with this crazy set of stickers.

Christmas Script

Christmas Script is a cute and whimsical hand crafted set with over 50 stickers perfect for the holidays. Set includes Christmas Trees, Holly, Santa Hats, Stars, Ornaments, Presents, Candy Canes, and Snowflakes!


Tired of the same old Holiday Party? The same old Merry Christmas text? Responding with "You too", "Happy Holidays" or "Right back at ya"? Spice things up with Crazy Santa Party. These animated stickers feature Santa and friends as they lighten up the holiday season with side splitting laughs. Watch as your friends reply "OMG! Where did you get those????”

Happy Valentines Party

Oh no, not again! You've enjoyed Thanksgiving with Crazy Turkey Party, Christmas with Crazy Santa Party, and now it's time for Happy Valentines Party! Spice up your sweetie's (or wanna-be sweetie's) Valentines Day with these static and animated stickers. Make her/him laugh out loud as you express your feelings with 69 different Valentines Day stickers! Though these stickers are fun, don't forget the flowers and candy!!!

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